Homework should be banned!

  Maria   I would definitely support banning homework. Kids spend 6+ hours in school each day which – to me – is enough time to use for education. I would much rather my child spend their after-school time being

physically active, spending quality time with family and developing their own interests. I absolutely DESPISE homework.



 Charlee   I wonder if the guy who did the “study” did homework?


 Pundit   I dont think its the h.w. thats a problem its the lack of real understanding kids gain during the classroom and teachers trying to get the parents to aid in learning. Many teachers don’t check homework

and kids become discouraged about putting in the work. And, much of the hw is busy work and not somethng stimulating. So i say keep the homework but make it more interesting.


Cathi   I have children that span from college age to elementary school and we have never experienced too much homework. I have always found the need to augment the work with added assignments of my own.

I taught elementary school and felt that parents were far too involved in the homework and their own negative attitudes about homework getting the way was the greatest impediment to the process. Homework is an important way for the teacher to understand the student’s ability to synthesize the day’s work and to see how they manage on their own removed from the prompts of the classroom. It provides practice and mastery. Truly I remember having much more homework when I was a kid and I walked miles to and from school, up hill, both ways…

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 Amiche Me too but I only had one shoe!!



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