Fatherlessness is the most tragic societal illness

“Never before has a culture had so many babies, toddlers, infants, adolescents, young adults raised without a father. Many fathers are absent, distant or disinterested. Many fathers are unknown, divorced or runaways. A father model is most important. Many do not have one. The consequences are showing up in our rehab. Centers, drop out centers, juvenile centers, and prisons. Single moms have a huge job and most do it well, but it simply is not enough, because everyone needs a Dad.” Charlee, debate creator, Ufeud member

Current responses:

Bethnewyork   What about those children who have fathers in their life, that are more a detriment? How does that effect their psychological well being? Which is the lesser evil.

Pundit   Children growing up without a father has got to account for much of the entitlement and lack of accountability we are seeing in kids today, boys in particular. I don’t know if the stats reflect a growing trend of fatherlessness or perhaps just a greater family split rate, but the issue is certainly at the top of the social dilemmas facing our society. Any sense of this is a western culture phenomenon or worldwide?

Charlee it’s been awhile since I looked at the data, but the correlation between “fatherlessness” and males who have social, psychological and legal ills is quite clear and convincing. I believe the trend has been mostly in the western culture.


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  1. You are assuming, Ufeud, that father absence is due to fathers being disinterested or running away from their responsibilities. There is no evidence to support this, either in the US or elsewhere. Most fathers want to be involved in their children’s lives but are excluded and disenfranchised.

  2. I am not assuming anything. Believe me, I know that all circumstances are different. This was from a debate created on our website, http://www.ufeud.com/. People voice their opinions and others agree/disagree and comment. You are more than welcome to add yours to: http://www.ufeud.com/debate.aspx?ID=659

    Thank you for your response to my post.


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